sonic key finder

Sonic Key Finder

Find Keys with sonic key finder

The sonic key finder at is the most reliable and sensitive key finding device ever developed.

Our sonic key finder finds keys that you left in your own pocket or your own front door. Use the KeyRinger outside to quickly find your keys - day or night. Whether you dropped them bringing the groceries in from the car, getting the mail, or just playing with the kids at the park — you'll find a lost key immediately.

You don't have to whistle or clap while using our sonic key finder. To use it, simply click the find button on any KeyRinger to find an item attached to any other KeyRinger. The missing KeyRinger responds immediately with a loud distinctive tone and a bright flashing light.

Lost your car keys again? Trust our sonic key finder to find it for you. The KeyRinger sonic key finder quickly finds keys - even on a cluttered counter top or in a jam-packed drawer.

Anyone can use the KeyRinger to find missing items in just seconds. Never again be late for work, school or an important appointment. Live an organized life with our sonic key finder.

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