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Find keys : Find keys within a second with our sonic key locator. Log on to We are offering a device called KeyRinger that helps you locate your lost household items.

Item finder : An item finder is what you need if you often misplace small items you This device is available at

Key finder : Are you looking for a key finder? Log on to At we are offering a device called KeyRinger.

Key locator : Do you need a key locator? Do you lost keys / other small household items frequently? Log on to At we are offering you the most convenient key locator.

Lost car keys : Searching for the lost car keys ? How many times a day you discover that you have lost car keys for the nth time? Do you often misplace items around the house? Log on to our site if you do.

Lost keys : Lost keys again? It's time to get organized. Log on to The KeyRinger is for everyone who loses household items from keys to the TV remote, needs to save precious time, and wants to avoid the stress and anxiety of not knowing where something is.

Remote control finder : Use our remote control finder to track your lost remote control. Log on to is bringing to you KeyRingers. KeyRingers are sold in sets of two and come complete with factory installed lithium batteries, key chain links, double-sided adhesive strips, and a stick-on magnet.

Remote control locator : Use a remote control locator that helps you locate the 'lost' remote control within seconds. Log on to

Remote finder : A remote finder is what you need if you often misplace your TV remote. This device is available at offers KeyRingers which can be attached to and be used to locate almost any item including your TV remote.

Sonic key finder : Sonic key finder at is the most reliable and sensitive key finding device ever developed. Log on to to make living strees and anxiety free with this unique sonic key finder.

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