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Key Locator

Offering Key Locator ! Find Keys - The easiest way !

Need a key locator? Do you misplace keys / other small household items frequently? Log onto At we offer the most convenient key locator ever developed called the KeyRinger.

While using this key locator you do not have to clap or whistle. To find a misplaced item, simply use a KeyRinger that you have not misplaced to find the KeyRinger attached to the item that you have misplaced. For example, if your keys are missing, the KeyRinger attached to the television remote can be used to locate your keys.

Here is one key locator you can call "versatile". Because KeyRinger is much more than just a key locator. The KeyRinger is an invaluable tool for locating missing objects such as eyeglass cases, television remotes, purses and other commonly misplaced items.

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A KeyRinger will respond up to 300 feet away under ideal conditions. So order this key locator today!

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